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We own and operate a portfolio of lifestyle, beauty, and health brands with products that consider the customer first. Our passion is bringing a fresh perspective to the goods we use everyday. Each of our brands is created to fulfill a need or offer a shift in the market norm. Whether it’s an unexpected pricing model or simply giving personality to a seemingly mundane, yet essential product, we seek to change the way customers think about their daily routines.

Alex Dastmalchi

Chief Executive Officer

Ryan Mongan


Mike Reynoldson

Chief Operating Officer

Mike Ponzillo

Chief Revenue Officer

Celina Hernandez

Director of Human Resources

Chris Ponzillo

Director of Brand Strategy

Jeff Ritchey


Slade Smiley

Director of Brand Strategy

Brad Claypool

Creative Director

Taylor Stark

Director of Product Development

Jami Llamas

Director of Fulfillment & Logistics